Shibugami–Traditional Stencil Paper
SHIBUGAMI - Shibugami comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses. The #10 thickness is the best general purpose weight. It is made of hand-made mulberry paper that has many layers laminated together using persimmon tannin. It is then smoked to preserve the paper and speed the curing of the persimmon. Synthetic substitutes are also available. In a pinch, good quality, washable, water-color paper may also be pressed into service. It will be harder to carve and not hold up as long as the papers made specifically for this task, but it should be fine for a small project
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traditional smoked washi shibugami $59/sheet
The shibugami I carry is
22” x 36”.

I often carry a synthetic version of the stencil paper. It is the same size and weight. The advantage is in the price and the fact that it doesn’t expand when wet. It is a bit more resistant to cutting with a cutting knife.