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Spring 2021 MAIWAI AND SHIRUSHIBANTEN colorful work jackets and
Acceptance of the payment by PayPal indicates that you are officially enrolled and I will follow up with an acknowledgement of my own.
Enrollment is limited to fourteen students per class.
If the class is full by the time you try to sign up, please write and let me know. I’ll put you on the waiting list and also make sure that you are among the very first to be contacted next time I schedule an indigo class.
John Marshall reserves the right to cancel classes in the unlikely event of circumstances beyond his control. So if a class is cancelled, John’s responsibility and liability are limited to a refund of class fee paid.  
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Tuition is $365 US.
Saturdays in April (3, 17, and 24) 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
enrollment is limited to fourteen students per class
   Most of my online courses are information-driven programs, designed to introduce participants to new techniques. However, this class is focusing on a specific project to help those already familiar with katazome and tsutsugaki to hone their skills.

   Participants will be offered a range of designs to choose from, sized to your personal measurements. I'll guide you through all the steps required to produce your colorfully exquisite garment – something that truly promises to become an heirloom art piece.

   Maiwai and hanten are both traditionally produced using rice-paste resist to define the imagery (katazome and tsutsugaki). This will be my main focus in the class, but I will also be covering two other options: hand-painting your design without the use of a resist, as well as how to entirely piece-quilt your design using traditional Japanese quilting techniques.
   Class will be held on Saturdays in April (3, 17, and 24) giving you time to complete each step before advancing to the next.

Limit: fourteen students.

The Zoom-recorded sessions will be available for download, and the video clips I prepare for class will be uploaded to Vimeo and available for you to view at your leisure for one month.

To get the most out of your session, I'd recommend you take my online courses STENCILS, RICE PASTE, and SOYMILK ahead of time, although they are not pre-requisites to signing up for this session. We’ll be making use of all of these but won’t have time to cover them in great detail.
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