9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
WF401 Hinagata: Working in
Miniature Dye and Sewing
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
John Marshall
Looking for fun and a
creative challenge? John Marshall has at long
last combined his two most popular classes,
Katazome Paste Resist and Japanese Garment
Design, into one fantastic experience! Mornings
will be spent working with natural dyes on
exquisite silks, and afternoons with garment
designs in miniature. John will cover traditional
dyeing and garment design techniques while
guiding participants in fashioning their own
    In Japan youngsters learning to sew
for the first time create hinagata—miniature
versions of the real garments they will be
sewing in earnest later. They are complete in
every way but simply don’t use as much fabric
as a human-size garment. A sewing pattern and
directions will be sent to participants ahead of
time for those wishing to prepare a proper-
scale doll to sport their classroom creations.
Materials fee: $150.00. Level: All.

Convergence, Providence, RI
maiwai Urashima Stencil M.jpg
Maiwai are traditional garments worn by fishermen to celebrate a good catch. Below is a hinagata maiwai dyed by John and the stencil he carved to apply the rice-paste resist before brushing on the natural dyes.