Surikomi and Jizome Brushes
And always wash them thoroughly afterward and allow to dry completely before using them again.
Negligence in this area will cause the hairs to rot and  fall out.

All brushes shed hair just a bit when they are new. Petting the jizome brushes before you use them for the first time will eliminate many.
Surikomi Brushes (Surikomibake)
Jizome Brushes (Jizomebake)
Surikomi brushes come in a wide range of sizes and hold up well to extensive use.
jizome brush size.png
.05, 1.0, 1.5    $16@
2.0, 4.0           $32@
5.0, 7.0           $42@
8.0                  $56@
10.0                $68@
Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
Wash your brush thoroughly after each use. A tiny bit of dish detergent or hand soap will help to remove any excess dye as you give it a light shampoo. Never allow your brush to sit wet for an extended period of time. Remove as much moisture as possible before setting it aside to dry. Placing it in salad spinner, with the brush hairs pointed away from the center to force out the moisture, can be helpful.
I have one size of jizome brush in stock.
5.25”               $130
To order any of these brushes, simply email me and tell me what you’d like. I’ll let you know what is in stock and an estimate of the total. If you approve, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, or you are welcome to send me a check.  John@JohnMarshall.to

Feel free to write me with questions, I’ll be glad to help if I  can. -John
fude-style brushes PP M.png
Tataki brushes are primarily used to add the rich shadings distinctive in bingata dyeing.

small $20   medium $30   large $40

Mensou brushes are used to paint fluid lines and add details to small images.
1:  $20   2:  $30   3: $40
tataki brushes
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6.5” sold out
Surikomi (left) brushes are used to apply smaller areas of color, detailing, and shadings in katazome. Jizome brushes are used to dye much larger areas and to apply soymilk sizing to yardage.

Always soak your brushes in clean water for at least thirty minutes before introducing to soymilk.