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Welcome to my blog, John’s Attic! And just like any attic, it is full of a jumble of treasures, some useful to you, and perhaps some not. I hope you’ll be able to pick and choose from what I have to offer and toward that end I have tried to group topics in a logical manner.


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The first is the search button. Type in the name of the weave, or subject of a pattern to have the page conduct a search on my blog for it. This is not a Google search, and will only look for subjects I’ve entered.

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As time goes on, I hope to be able to write on a wide range of subjects. If you are looking for a topic you’ve seen at one point, and the search option above isn’t turning up what you have in mind, try looking for it under one of the categories listed in blog categories. Or try visiting the Site Map on my web page at www.johnmarshall.to/A-SiteMap.htm. I’ve begun to list all of the topics I’ve covered, and it may make it easier for you to find topics of interest – at least I hope so!
Treasures from John’s Collection includes information about specific pieces from my private collection. This information includes photos, descriptions of the processes employed, historical significance, and anything else I think may be of interest.
Word of the Week is a peak into how some words are used in Japanese. Most will be technical fiber terms, but many will be presented just for fun. In most cases I will include the Japanese characters for the word. Most computers are loaded with Japanese fonts, but if it happens that yours is not, then you may wind up with what are called ghost characters–basically just gobbledegook. Here are the characters for katazome: 型染め. If these characters look like Japanese to you (whether or not you are able to read them) then you’ll be fine. If they look like just so many cuss words in a cartoon strip, then your computer will not read Japanese characters, and you’ll just have to trust that I am not saying anything unkind.
Textile of the Week is presented as a spotlight on a specific textile. It will most often be used to help illustrate a topic covered elsewhere in that week’s blog. Since the textiles used are from less precious sources–garments that have been taken apart, or yardage from bolts of traditional fabric, worn out temple hangings and so on–I will be able to examine them from both sides, place them under the microscope to show the surface of the fiber, and in other ways abuse them in a manner that would not be appropriate to more valuable work. The Textile of the Week is available for sale, but quantities are limited. Click here to find out more about them, or to see past samples: www.johnmarshall.to/I-TextWeek-Set-01.htm
John’s Art–Pick of the Week allows me to show off some of my own work. As much as possible I will try to have it tie into the other areas of the blog for that particular week. Everything appearing in John’s Art–Pick of the Week is available for sale. Garments are always one of a kind and so only one will be available. However, pictures and panels may at times be available in limited editions (as in four or five similar ones) but that will be clearly noted. If you would like to view some of my art work that may no longer be available but may act as a reference or inspiration to you, please log onto the gallery section of my web site at www.johnmarshall.to/G-gallery.htm
Textile Supplies are blogs related to specific materials used to create the pieces discussed elsewhere. They will be prepared as blog postings whenever needed to enhance the understanding of other subjects covered.

Access the archives when you would like to access past postings by date. This is especially useful if you missed a week of viewing, or aren’t quite sure of the topic you are looking for but remember having seen it a while back.

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About John Marshall offers a short description of my past and my goals, particularly as they relate to this blog.

Well what can I say? If you’ve read down this far, you already know all about this page!

About every four to six weeks I will be posting special items I have acquired and offering them for sale. They will be added as I put together a grouping centered abound some seasonal theme. My first one was centered around items relating to New Years Day, the second included a number items tied to Girls Day, and so on. I will try to be timely in removing all items as they sell. If you would like to be notified as soon as each new theme is posted, be sure to click that selection when you sign up for emails.

Once an item has been posted through the Seasonal Theme Offerings section, it will also be stored on this page. The only real difference between the two pages is that Seasonal Theme Offerings groups them by theme, and Treasures from Japan groups them by garment style and technique. Pick whichever method is more fun for you to browse.


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