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August 2-7, five days plus review
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We’ll be concentrating on working with fresh-leaf indigo and focusing on exactly how it works with various fibers, changes in pH and how to achieve a range of blues, and working with various resists including clamp, paste, wax, and string. We’ll be taking all of these techniques and combining them into stunning textiles of nuanced blues.

Limit: fourteen students
April 3,17,24, three days
colorful work jackets and celebratory fishermen’s robes
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  Most of my online courses are information-driven programs, designed to introduce participants to new techniques. However, this class is focusing on a specific project to help those already familiar with katazome and tsutsugaki to hone their skills.

Limit: fourteen students
March 27, May 1, July 10-17-24

Five Day Indigo Series
materials included
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This year I’m trying a new format for people wanting to find out more about working with Japanese indigo but aren’t really sure where to start. The study days are spread out over a longer period allowing you to work on projects at your leisure before jumping back in.  I’ll be including a lot more cultural and historical information, and perhaps one of the best parts, I’m including a kit that will include everything needed for the class except dirt, water, and sunshine! All included in one price.

Limit: twenty-five students
August 9-13, five days plus review
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 Continuing working with fresh-, we will also cover working with dried- and frozen-leaf indigo. We will be creating our own pigments to serve as the basis for direct painting, and the foundation material for a range of reduction vats. A full complement of techniques will be employed as we explore combining indigo with other natural dyes and pigments.

Limit: fourteen students