WINTER 2020 and SPRING 2021
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   INDIGO ONE and TWO, below, are being offered to accommodate folks who live in the Southern Hemisphere since this will be their indigo growing season. Having said that, everyone is welcomed to join. Classes with the Northern Hemisphere in mind will be offered again come July.

Limit: fourteen students.

   We’ll be concentrating on working with fresh-leaf indigo and focusing on exactly how it works with various fibers, changes in pH and how to achieve a range of blues, and working with various resists including clamp, paste, wax, and string. We’ll be taking all of these techniques and combining them into stunning textiles of nuanced blues.

Limit: fourteen students

   Even though INDIGO TWO will be building upon INDIGO ONE, I've designed it as a stand-alone class. A wide range of reduction processes will be covered, along with some raw-leaf application. My favorite part is combining the fresh, raw indigo with reduced indigo and the indigo pigment we'll be making in class to create truly beautiful works of art.

Limit: fourteen students

   This is an intensive course covering all aspects of katazome dyeing–including how to design and carve your own stencils, working with rice-paste resist, working with both pigments and other natural dyes, washing and caring for your fabrics.
   This is the Zoom version of John's popular katazome studio class, with downloads, close up video clips, and much more!

Limit: fourteen students
Marriage of many techniques: flexible shibori + rice paste resist; fresh-leaf raw indigo pH neutral + pH11; indigo pigments from dry leaves
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