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The full twelve-month set, plus one bonus sample, will include an elegantly polished wood box with a glass lid along with the following textile samples:
kumihimo fabric
nishiki-ori (taqueté)
kanoko-shibori (not pictured)
shifu (paper weave)
kiri-biroudo (cut and looped velvet)
urushi-ori (lacquer weave)
tsudure (tapestry weave)
24k gold kara-ori
kusakizome (yuuzen natural dyes)
kasuri fukuro-ori (ikat double weave)
24k gold saganishiki (paper warp twill weave)
   Start your subscription by clicking on the PayPal button below. The first payment is $68 plus postage and CA sales tax (if applicable). This includes the beautifully made, hinged wood box in your choice of ebony-black lacquer or rich mahogany red, along with your first sample–hand-dyed oboro-bingata silk chirimen from Okinawa.
   Afterward you will be automatically billed $22, plus postage and CA sales tax if applicable, by PayPal on a monthly basis, with your monthly sample mailed out as soon as payment is received. You may cancel at any time.
   All samples are hand-woven/hand-dyed in the highest quality Japanese silk or the featured fiber (paper/cotton in the case of shifu-ori). The actual samples are one-of-a-kind representatives of the featured technique and may vary a bit from the photos shown on this page.  
   Each sample is mounted on an acid-free, dye-cut paper frame, allowing the textile to be viewed easily from both the front and the back - so important to fully appreciate the techniques employed!
   If this subscription is to be a gift, please let me know when you sign up and I will gladly include a nice gift card from you saying so.
24k gold kara-ori
above: sample front         below: sample back
Additional Benefits to Becoming a Member
–Each month, beginning in January, I will be posting a thirty-minute video to YouTube describing that month’s category of textiles, highlighting the sample of the month. Included will be information of historical and cultural interest.  As a member, you will be invited to participate in a Zoom meeting in which we watch the video together. You’ll be able to ask questions and discuss the topic at hand. This roughly hour-long presentation will also be available for members  to download and keep.
   The roughly half hour presentation will be posted on YouTube for the general public to enjoy but will not include our private Q&A session, nor will they be able to download the video.
Care to see a sample? This is the first session featuring Oboro Bingata.

–Each month I will be offering special buying opportunities, pulling from my vast collection of textiles. Members will be able to shop ahead of non-members and will be given substantial discounts on all items listed.

-Members will also receive advance notice of all classes and events to help ensure you make it into that program you’ve been waiting for.
If you live outside the United States and would like to subscribe to the Textile of the Month Club, please email me for more information.
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Initial bill:
box + first sample $68
Shipping: $19
Initial bill:
box + first sample $68
CA sales tax: $6.12
Shipping: $19
Shipping: $19
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A Collector’s Guide
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