Donna Brown and Garden Study Group, Denver, Colorado
elevation: 5200’, planting zone 5b
Our plants were started in the DBG greenhouse.  Here is some information from the DBG staff about that process:  

3/17/17 Persicaria tinctorial seeds sown into Fafard germination mix, which is a fine textured peat moss/ perlite media. Seeds were germinated on a mist bench, which kept the media evenly moist. Greenhouse temps were 60-75 deg F. Full sun.  

4/12/17 Seedlings transplanted into 3.5” pots in Sunshine mix 4, a general purpose peat moss/perlite media. At this date they would have their first true leaves. Removed from mist bench at this point. Greenhouse temps were the same. Water applied as needed. Fertilized weekly with 20-10-20 fertilizer at around 200 ppm N.  

5/7/17 Plants are between 5-7.5” tall. I haven’t experienced any pest problems with them yet.  

5/15/17 Plants are expected to be planted in outside garden on this da y

Note:  the plants were planted in the garden on 5/25/17 .  This is later than expected due to late snow storms.  The plants were somewhat leggy when planted but they are filling in nicely.
CO indigo June 14 2017.jpg
CO indigo row june 14 2017.jpg
The photos below were taken by Cathy Jacobus on 6/14/17
6/14/17 Our indigo plants are 15" tall and the average leaf length was 3".