Natural Pigment Sticks
pigment sticks fan.png
dye sticks natural dyes compressed into sticks much like sumi-sticks 
1. hon-shu (real cinnabar*) $62  (20g)
2. red (cochineal) $48 (24g), $32 (16g)  
3. bengara (orange iron rust) $38 (19g)
4. gunjo (azurite blue) $38 (15g)
5.sold out
6. yamabuki (yellow iron rust) $38 (20g)
7. miai ß (high quality Prussian blue) $22 (9g), $36 (16g), $56 (27g)
*Cinnabar is mercury and is toxic if used improperly. I offer it because it is a natural dye used in traditional Japanese and Okinawan dyeing. Never take internally or mix in household dishes.
8. natural indigo (Tokushima tadeai) $58 (24g), $22 (8g)
The pigment sticks I carry are naturally occuring mineral pigments, or those traditionally derived from plant (indigo) or animal (cochineal) sources. I import them from Japan.

They are traditionally included as part of  the library of sources used in natural dyeing. I recommend that they be used in combination with soymilk.

I sell my pigment sticks based on weight. They are hand molded individually and as such, often vary slightly in shape and size.  Actually, depending on the individual making them, they can vary a great deal in size as can be seen in this comparison of three different indigo sticks.



pigment sticks indigo sizes.jpg
All three of these indigo stick from Tokushima are the same weight. The weight indicates the amount of pigment present. All are priced the same.
To order any of these pigments, simply email me and tell me what you’d like. I’ll let you know what is in stock and an estimate of the total. If you approve, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, or you are welcome to send me a check.  John@JohnMarshall.to

Feel free to write me with questions, I’ll be glad to help if I  can. -John