Natural Fiber Fair Virtual Conference, September, 2021
Singing the Blues
with John Marshall
Supply kits are required to complete enrollment in class.
You are not fully enrolled until you have purchased your supply kit. All kits must be paid for by September 1. If you need fresh-leaf indigo mailed from Covelo, you may order it at the same time for $25. It is not included in the $55 materials kit.
A Collector’s Guide
A Field Guide to Japanese Textiles
deluxe edition
A Collector’s Guide
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A Collector’s Guide
Singing the
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Ordering Your Supply Kit
I’ve carefully currated a range of supplies to help you get the most out of this two-hour program.

Included in the kit is a packet of various weaves from around the world - examples of a range of fibers to help you better understand how fresh-leaf indigo works on cellulose and protein weaves.

Also included are some basic stitch resist supplies, brushes, processed indigo pigment, and soyfour. In addition to all this I have prepared two unique images –  pre-resisted for you using rice-paste resist and beeswax. All of the above combined will help to give you a clear understanding of the broad range of possibilities fresh-leaf Persicaria tinctoria offers.
Ordering Your Supply Kit
You will be needing fresh Persicaria tinctoria for this program. Many of you will be growing your own or have friends who do so. However, for those of you who aren’t able to acquire any in time for this class, I’ll gladly mail you some from my garden. The fee is $25, which includes postage.
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All orders must be placed by September 1. Orders will be dropped into the mail on September 3.
California Residents
Postage included on domestic orders only.
Out of State Residents
Once you have paid for your kit and are fully enrolled you will be emailed a link to the class webpage and access codes. All updates, links, downloads, and other information related to this program will be posted on the class webpage.