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My on-the-road fees are $750 per lecture, or per program, per day. That is, if I am offering a lecture, or teaching a half-day or full-day workshop, the fee is $750. If I am teaching a half- or full-day workshop followed by a lecture later that afternoon or evening, the fee for the day is $1500.

For three or more days the fee is $750 per day, for a total of $2250 for the three-day program. However, there is no additional cost for one evening lecture if it falls on the evening of one of the teaching days for programs that last three or more days.

In addition, the sponsoring organization is responsible for my travel expenses from my studio to the location of the presentation; a $50 per day allowance for food and program-related expenses; along with accommodations starting the night before my program is to begin and ending the morning after my last presentation. I prefer staying in a hotel or motel close to the center of teaching. This allows me to rest in privacy and recharge for the next day. If special display items or lecture/workshop materials are needed to be sent ahead of time, the organization is responsible for shipping and insurance costs both ways.
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