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A Collector’s Guide to Japanese Textiles: INDIGO
with John Marshall
This book is the first in a series of publications prepared as companion texts to collections of textiles I have complied. My hope is that the compendiums, together with the text and illustrations, will help you gain a better understanding of the textile treasures you may currently possess, or perhaps be of help in making educated choices as you expand upon what you already cherish or are able to view in the collections of others.
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Available in three formats–
Option one
As a stand-alone copy with all the information at an affordable price. This book includes one natural-indigo dyed sample from Japan as an insert.
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Option two
A Collector’s Guide to Japanese Textiles: INDIGO, plus seven mounted, indigo-dyed samples from Japan illustrating the main categories presented in the text. Housed in a copper-embossed box with a magnetic closure.
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Option three
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A deluxe, limited edition including A Collector’s Guide to Japanese Textiles: INDIGO plus Singing the Blues and forty-four mounted samples–all housed in a beautifully hand-crafted wooden box.
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