Textile of the Week: 201114 Chuusen
For this week’s Textile of the Week, I have chosen a sample of cotton chuusen originally dyed to be used in a woman’s yukata.
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Chuusen Sample 201114 注染
Sample 201114-Chuusen $12 plus postage and tax. ($12 even for subscribers. For more information about subscriptions, click on this text.)
In my article about chuuusen I mentioned how important it is to design the drawing to allow for a mirror image at the fold. This is a very good sample of that concept taken into account. I’ve added a red line to help you identify where the fold used to be. Notice how the wave lines have a nice curve even though they hit the fold at a right angle, and also how the petals of the flower have been arranged to keep a very natural look.
This is a detail of sample 201114 showing where the fold was in the cloth during the pasting and dyeing process.
Notice in the sample below how the colors blend as the dyes were poured and suctioned through the fabric.
Examples of how the dyes blend as they are pulled through to the vacuum table.
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