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dragon gold M.jpg
A. Silk broadcloth – $90
C. Metal covered silk core warp and weft (kinran) – $150
2012 is the Year of the Dragon. In Asian cultures it is traditional to keep the patron of the year on display in your home or business to protect and bring blessings to you throughout the year.

I have dyed each of the versions you see shown here using natural dyes on natural fibers. All are hand washable.

As individually hand-dyed creations the colors and sizes vary a bit. Each is a minimum of 11” x 12”. There are four fiber/weave combinations from which to choose. I hope you find one like! -John

Fore more information on the gold weave used in sample D, please click here: kinran.
B. Silk jacquard (donsu) – $125
D. Silk warp, gold weft (kinran) – $195
dragon gold backed S.jpg
dragon donsu S.jpg
dragon satin S.jpg