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The second edition of this DVD is now available.
    A bit more information was added and the format changed to make it easier to read and navigate. If you have already purchased the first edition, you are welcome to exchange it for the second edition. Simply mail me the old DVD (DVD only, not the case or paperwork), along with $5 to cover postage and handling, and I will mail you back the new version.
with John Marshall
Well, it has taken almost thirty years to get to this point, but the first in my DVD series JOURNEYS IN KATAZOME is at last available. The DVDs will be released in the order required to complete the lessons from start to finish.  
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Years in the making! This course offers a complete guide to Japanese stencil making for artists in all media.

The body of the text is easy to follow, with an abundance of hints and tips to speed you along your way. The movie files give you action shots, with close imaging – far more information than you’d ever be able to glean through any other format.

DVD format, for viewing on your computer. Suitable for both MACs and PCs. The program is presented in a universal PDF format, with embedded MOV files to illustrate all critical points.

PDF files offer the greatest reading experience by enabling you to jump to related text with the click of your mouse, while at the same time allowing you to zoom in on images to view greatly heightened details.
Click on the button above to pay via PayPal. If you are ordering multiple items, or live outside of California, your overpayment will be refunded once the order is shipped.
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Other DVDs in the series
(watch my web site for release dates)
view sample clips on YouTube
(The actual movies on the DVD are of a much higher quality.)
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