Harite and Shinshi
traditional stretching equipment
Still At It! doll by John Marshall. The sneakers and jeans belonged to me when I was three (I’m not a hoarder, I’m simply one who anticipates…).
Shinshi, Japanese bamboo sticks used to stretch fabric, somewhat like a temple in weaving, are ages old traditional stretching equipment in Japan. They are most commonly used to stretch fabric from selvage to selvage, but may also be used diagonally to stretch smaller rectangles of fabric, such as a furoshiki.
shinshi apply 2.jpg
shinshi diagonal stretch.jpg
These are made by hand, by fellows getting up there in age. They may range a bit in length, the sizes listed below are only approximations–each batch is a bit different than the previous one.
In the past, shinshi were available in just about any length and thickness you could ever want. That isn’t the case today, but they still come in a variety of sizes, suitable to a range of purposes.
These are the sizes I carry:
15” - 16” long   $2.50@
thick for heavier weaves
thin for lighter weaves.

40” long       $8.00@
for fabrics roughly 36” wide

48” long       $11.00@
for fabrics roughly 44” wide

59.5” long       $15.00@   
for most wider width fabrics
Shinshi are vulnerable to bamboo moths. The larvae eat out the inside of the sticks and when you go to use them the stick can snap in half with a small cloud of dust. I had this happen to me once. It was not a pleasant experience. I had to burn my entire inventory, including my long-used private stash.
   For my own sake, as much as yours, I never sell the sticks until I have treated them. I don’t want to use poisons, so first I put them in a deep freeze, thaw them, and freeze again. Next I steam them for four to six hours. And finally, I place them on an asphalt-shingle roof, in the hot California sun for a full month, just to make sure I’ve been thorough. I haven’t had a problem since.  
To order any of these sizes, simply email me and tell me what you’d like. I’ll let you know what is in stock and an estimate of the total. If you approve, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, or you are welcome to send me a check.  John@JohnMarshall.to

Feel free to write me with questions, I’ll be glad to help if I  can. -John
harite blank.png
I do carry harite designed to accomodate traditional width Japanese fabrics, normally 12” to 15” wide. $110/set (two clamps). For wider width use, I recommend you make your own, they are pretty easy to make, or to have someone make for you. Detailed construction is covered in the Tools and Equipment section of my online Journeys in Katazome series. However, below is a construction diagram, which will be enough to get most people started.
harite plans.jpg