Katazome Fabric panels
Each of these panels has been hand-dyed by John Marshall with natural dyes in his studio in Covelo, California.
May be framed or used in textile projects. Washable.
Details may vary slightly from photos.

$8 domestic postage plus CA sales tax.
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roughly 10” x 10” (below)       miscellaneous larger sizes - next page
Coptic Scholar indigo.png
Angel and Dolphin indigo
Monitor mulitcolor.png
Coptic Monitor 2   10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Scholar   10”x10” silk $35
Benin  Bros   10”x10” silk $35
 Angel and Dolphin Sun 10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Hunter.png
Pirate Ship.png
Coptic Monitor.png
Bacchus  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Hunter 2   10”x10” silk $35
Pirate Ship  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Horse  10”x10” silk $35
Chimu Prince.png
Coptic Scholar.png
Coptic Porpoise and Angel.png
Coptic Whale.png
Chimu Prince  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Scholar 2  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Whale  10”x10” silk $35
Angel and Dolphin  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Youth.png
Warrior 1.jpeg
Warrior 1  10”x10” silk $35
Yakodako (Japanese Kite) 2
  10”x10” silk $35
Howdy  10”x10” silk $35
Coptic Youth  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 4.jpeg
Warrior 3.jpeg
Warrior 2.jpeg
Warrior 5.jpeg
Warrior 4  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 5  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 3  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 2  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 10.jpeg
Warrior 6.jpeg
Warrior 7.jpeg
Warrior 8.jpeg
Warrior 9  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 7  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 8  10”x10” silk $35
Warrior 6  10”x10” silk $35