Indigo Dyers

The robe below is oneI produced for a show at the Morikami Museum in Florida. It is on the highest quality, hand-woven ramie called Miyako-joufu, using fresh-leaf indigo from my garden in Covelo. It is hand washable.


Garment size:
wrist to wrist:   52”
side seam to side seam:  29”
back neck to bottom hem:  47”
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The standing figure is holding two lengths of cloth ready to be dipped into the vat again. which He is holding them by shinshi sticks - lengths of bamboo with needles which pierce the selvage edge of the fabric, helping to keep the folded areas separated when dipping.
This garment is constructed in a maner similar to kaimaki (yogi) with an extra panel in the back, making it larger than most traditional garments.
Noren adjusted shinshi.jpg
noren adjusted yarn.jpg
Detail of dyer holding fabric with shinshi along selvage edges.
INDIGOdyersHantenSideR -M.png
Detail of dyer wringing out yarns in dye vat.
Dipping the yardage repeatedly into the indigo vat in John’s studio. John uses old clay soysauce pots to hold his reduded dye.
Detail of dyer working with stretched fabric.
Fabric stretched with traditional equipment in John’s studio.
Detail of paste-resisted area and shinshi holding the fabric taught.
John applying indigo pigment to the pasted and dipped yardage to heighten the contrast in colors.
noren adjusted hikizome.jpg