Cut Sheets of Laminated Paper for Weaving
sheet-gold leaf artist.jpg
The items on this page are sheets of handmade paper that have been gold- or silver-leafed. Lacquer is the bonding agent most commonly used and can be seen around the edges of the paper. Some sheets are left with the gold or silver fully exposed. Others have over coatings of lacquer or film to tint or decorate the surface. Click here to watch a brief movie.
Once cured, the sheets are shredded into thin thread-like strips, which I counted and found to be around 75 strands per inch. The border is left in tact to hold the threads in place. This is especially important on those sheets with a distinct image or texture.

When in use, the weaver plucks one strand at a time and pulls the paper thread through the warp with a wire hook, taking care not to twist the strand while keeping the gilded side up. Click here to watch a brief movie.

I purchased these from a very reputable weaving house in Kyoto through a bankruptcy sale, which is how I am able to offer them at such a low price. The dates on the labels accompanying the sheets range from 1976-1982. In checking on line, sheets of this quality generally run between $250 and $325.

Inventory is limited. Once I’ve sold out, I doubt that I will be able to acquire more.
each sheet is 18” x 22” $75 

Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of these sheets, they are very difficult to represent on line. You are welcome to email me with any inquiries, and I will do the best I can to give clear answers to help you in making your decision.

Below you’ll find samples of some of the color range-
back side of sheet showing white paper
and line indicating selvage edge
1. gold
2. speckled gold
9. rainbow
11. walking rain