Year of the Dragon
This is the year 4710 in the Chinese calendar, and the Year of the Dragon.

Most countries in the world use the Gregorian calendar and we do, too. However many countries and cultures in the world use other calendars as well. The beginning year for these calendars is usually tied to some important event. The Gregorian calendar counts years centered on the life of Christ. It is a lunisolar calendar, which means that it is tied to lunar phases and adjusted to annually realign with our travels around the sun.
  The Hajri calendar (the Islamic calendar, تقویم هجری قمری) starts with the year during which the Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina and is a purely lunar calendar and not tied to the seasons. It takes thirty-three Islamic years to complete a cycle and come into realignment with the starting season. This year, 1434, began on the evening of November 14 (2011).
  The Hebrew calendar (הלוח העברי) is also lunisolar and begins counting at what is traditionally believed to be the beginning of the world. This year, 5773, began at sunset on September 16 (of 2011).

  The Chinese calendar (農曆) is a lunisolar calendar. This new year, the Year of the Dragon, will begin just after midnight on January 23 (2012). It is considered one of the oldest continually in used calendars in the world.
  Each year has an animal mascot–there are twelve in all. When you ask someone’s age, they don’t tell you their age in numbers, they tell you the animal year in which they were born.
  People born in the Dragon Year are said to be natural leaders, but somewhat unpredictable. They are loyal friends but may have a fiery temper. If you were born in the year 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, or 1952, then you are also a Dragon Year child. Does this description fit you?
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