Take advantage of this rare opportunity…
Meiji Gathering Oshie.jpg
In addition, there will be a huge array of Japanese traditional garments and textiles from John’s collection available for sale. High quality Japanese kimono and garments for men, women, and children along with many other treasures.
100% of the proceeds will go toward the historic Florin Buddhist Church’s 100th Anniversary Building Renovation Fund.
7235 Pritchard Road
(just off Florin Road)
Sacramento, CA 95828
For more information, please feel free to email John at John@JohnMarshall.to
John was born and raised in Florin, attending Florin Japanese Language School at the Florin Buddhist Church as a child. He is delighted to have this opportunity to celebrate all that the church and its affiliated organizations have offered our community. For more information about John Marshall please visit his web site at JohnMarshall.to.
To start with, here is an article that apeared in the Sacramento Bee a few years back:

Doors open 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 21, 2018
10:30 The Grateful Crane Story Hour Young and old alike are welcome.
Featuring an 1830s garment woven from real crane feathers!
12:30 Treasures from Meiji

John Marshall will be presenting a lively talk on
Meiji Era textile arts – showing for the first time his collection of Emperor Meiji’s Imperial Clothing – along with other rarely seen items from this era.
Meiji gokanfuku.jpg
The Florin Buddhist Women’s Association has teamed up with artist and textile historian John Marshall to present this one day extravaganza of textiles, history, and Japanese culture. Join us for this unique opportunity to view rare imperial costumes from the Meiji Era along with the opportunity to purchase high quality tradtitional garments and textiles. $10 donation at the door.