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You’ll be needing a range of simple supplies to complete the basic projects I’ll be presenting.
You’ll need to have fresh indigo leaves ready. At least ten or twelve leaves and at best about two large handfuls - more if you’re feeling industrious!

You’ll also need the following:
   a kitchen blender
   chilled water (ice water) 1-2 quarts
   a few mixing bowls
   a couple of small white dishes for blending dye (and old saucer works well)
   a smooth rock about the size of a chicken egg
For the rest of the items use the list of the items included in the kit I am offering as a guide. Many of these supplies will give you a richer experience but are not required for the course - although I’ll be using all of them in my demonstrations.

If you are not buying the kit, I recomend you gather together at least those items with an asterisk (*).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Click anywhere within this blue border to view the supplies included in the kit.
(308) Singing the Blues. Part 1 & 2
Saturday, 10-12 and 2-4 EST
This is a 1-day, 2-session class. This class will focus on working with fresh-leaf Japanese indigo and the myriad of techniques that can be used with it. The morning will start with a brief survey of indigo use in Japan, followed by several how-to projects with fresh, raw indigo using cold-water dye techniques. This will be followed up with an introduction to creating pigment from the fresh leaves and using this pigment as the basis for reduction vats, and even using it to directly paint on textiles. Several projects are included, however most students will probably want to watch carefully during this intensive class session. Recordings will be available after class to those registered so that they may review and follow the directions at their leisure.