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The kimono has long been emulated as the ideal medium to show off handwoven and uniquely dyed textiles. Easy to wear and flexible in fit, it is acknowledged as the patron garment of artists, socialites, and certainly the art-to-wear movement.
Are you interested in Japanese inspired fashion but aren’t quite of traditional proportions? Would you like to be able to be able to alter kimono in your collection to fit? We’ll be covering this and so much more. Once we’ve covered the basics we’ll launch into using graceful traditional silhouettes as the starting point for our own unique designs.
  We’ll be exploring the historical concepts of Japanese clothing, the traditional tools employed, as well as short cuts and valuable pointers developed by John over decades of clothing design.
Saturdays in January, 2022
8, 15 and 22
with a review session on the 29th 
10-12 noon, Pacific Time.


The program will be conducted via Zoom and will be available to view for a minimum of one month after the last session. Youll also be able to download the recordings for future reference.
  In addition to the Zoom recordings, the video clips used to highlight specific techniques, allowing for close-ups and views from a variety of angles, will be available for viewing via Vimeo, allowing for greatly enhanced viewing.
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Traditional shapes are a great starting point in designing our own variations. Above, full vest by John Marshall based on jinbaori vests from the Momoyama Period.
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John’s variation, above, on the traditional chanchanko, below.
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Well be delving into the advantages of traditional sewing tools and spending time helping you to get just the right fit.
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Stitched embellishments, charms called semamori, are a delightful addition to any Japanese-inspired garment.
As an added bonus, you’ll be able to download John’s iconic book as a pdf file for easy reference in the years to come.
Do you already have a favorite stash of treasures that don’t quite fit? This is your chance to give them a new life!
A Collector’s Guide
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A Collector’s Guide
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A Collector’s Guide
A Field Guide to Japanese Textiles
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