Journeys in Katazome with John Marshall
Japanese stencils have developed over centuries of use to meet the demands of an insatiable market for ever-finer patterns. The materials used in this process allow for infinite detail, and, if cared for, may last several generations. I ’m quite happy to be able to share these techniques with you.

In this section we will be covering all aspects of production, taking you from a clear understanding of the basic stencil styles, through the design process with clear coverage of how to achieve accurately repeating registers, and, finally, how to lacquer your stencils to keep them working for you for years to come.

We all learn differently. With this in mind, I have prepared two formats for you. The first is a pdf file and acts much like a printed book. As a matter of fact, you are encouraged to print it out and keep it as a reference tool when you are away from your computer. Links will allow you to skip around in the text, but, more importantly,  they will allow you to easily access the second format, the online videos. Each video has been carefully edited to reinforce the printed information on every point.

When you order the program, I’ll send you a link to the pdf file, which you may view online or download at your convenience. The links in the text will allow you to watch an hour-plus of videos when viewed on-line.  
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includes access to the materilas described above
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These are the topics covered in this digital workshop.
Basic Styles of Stencils
Carving the Stencil
Preparing the Cartoon
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Cutting and Matching Edges
Lacquering the Stencil
Making Your Own Dauber
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Additional Supplies
I’ve put together a limited number of supply kits to get you started.
The set includes
–traditonal cutting mat 8 x 11
–X-acto cutting knife plus ten replacement blades
–traditional hand-made stencil paper 8.5 x 11
–modern synthetic stencil paper 8.5 x 10
–enough netting for both sheets of stencil paper
–foam for dauber 8.5 x 11
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