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In sorting through my stash recently, I came across a treasure trove of sarasa textiles. Are you familiar with sarasa? It’s a category of Japanese textiles that includes batik as well as block and some stencil techniques. They’re all beyond beautiful, but what really caught my eye were the vegetable prints I’d forgotten about!
   I know, I know, this sounds a bit like a summer camp project, but we’re talking Japanese here… I was describing the work to Kathy and Amy at Botanical Colors, and they said, “Hey, let’s do another class!” And you know - I’m always game!
Here are just a few of the samples from my collection
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And here, just a couple samples of what well be producing in class
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Well be covering how to select the best printing material, choosing and preparing fabric; carving and plotting both simple and complex repeating images; working with overlapping colors; printing warp yarns on a threaded loom; stains vs pigments; working with mordants and setting colors and a whole lot more!

The class fee includes a wide range of natural plant dyes, natural pigments, fabric, and tools. Just about everything youll need to complete the projects as presented in class.  Once youre all signed up, youll be directed to our class web page where youll find the Zoom link, a list of supplies included in the class (if youre signing up from outside the US youll need to pay a bit more in postage), as well as special online shopping offers available only to those signed up for the class.
  Dont dilly-dally! My classes sponsored by Botanical Colors tend to fill quickly. However, if the class should fill before youre ready to commit, just drop me an email and Ill put you on the waiting list for this class, or make sure that you are the first to be notified when the class is offered again.
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